DISCOver your true self in a false world

Eliminate conflict | Optimize resiliency | Access creative collaboration

Beneath what you do,

what you have,

or what people think about you

is your truest self


The truest thing about you cannot be robbed.
But it can get lost under the rubble of life


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
- Einstein

The Identity Method Process


Identify the belief system you live by and establish a new default mode that both your head and heart can connect to in an unconflicted way.

Remove the obstacles that keep you from thriving by  understanding the conflict between the false self and true self that all humans encounter.

Unlock access to the inner well of creativity — the source of all innovation and discovery by facilitated transformation at the identity level.

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Identity Method is a training and consulting agency that helps individuals and teams discover new levels of creativity and resiliency within the framework of true identity.  Jamie is not accepting any speaking engagements at this time. 


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